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The Book of STUCK

Stop Holding Yourself Back and Start Moving Forward

In the middle of the night, that nagging feeling woke me up again. You might know the one I'm talking about. It's the feeling that comes up when you're thinking about all the things you haven't accomplished or achieved in your life. Your mind spins in circles around everything you "should" be doing. And then the "Can't-ing" joins in the fun. "I can't do this because..." or "I can't have this because..."

As I watched my own thoughts squash my feelings to a pulp, I was hit by a realization:
"I'm STUCK again!" 

I've been STUCK many times in my life. Reflecting on those STUCK times, I realized how much I learned and developed in the process of getting UNstuck.
I decided that this time, instead of bullying myself for landing in this space, I was going to learn how to really get the most out of STUCK. And as long as I was doing that for myself, I might as well document my journey and share it with others who are feeling STUCK too.

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