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My Certified Music Practitioner Training


I became a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) through the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP), the oldest therapeutic music training program accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.  My training began in 2011, and I graduated in 2014.

What Was Involved in the Training?

  • 80 hours of in-person classroom instruction taught by experienced CMPs.

  • Read, review, and discuss with peers and instructors 10 books on topics concerning therapeutic music and related information.

  • Pass a final written exam

  • Submit a 30-minute recording of my therapeutic music reviewed and approved by my MHTP mentor. 

  • Complete a Practicum and Internship (info below)

What Did I Learn?

  • The Scope of Practice of a Certified Music Practitioner

  • All logistics of work as a CMP: HIPAA, keeping patient logs, infection control, healthcare protocol, and how to take care of myself while providing service music

  • How to observe health conditions and select appropriate music

  • Why and how to make musical changes if/when the patient needs changes

  • The history of using music to promote healing

  • How and why sound promotes a healing environment based on physics

  • What the current research is showing about the benefits of music in healthcare settings

  • How to play for the dying and what to expect


Go to the website for the Music for Healing and Transition Program for a full description of the class modules and requirements for graduation.

Clinical Practicum & Internship

The practicum portion of my training occurred during the final classroom module at a hospital. This gave me the opportunity to try what I had learned in class and put it in practice to finally see tangible results. After the Practicum, I was prepared to:

  • Figure out how to navigate the hospital

  • Obtain referrals from nurses, nurse aids, and case managers

  • Interact with visitors and multiple patient rooms

  • Adhere to various infection control procedures

My internship was started at the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI and finished at McLaren Greater Lansing in Lansing, MI. Over 6 months, I played for over 120 patients in oncology, dialysis, and general hospital floors. After each session, I filled out anonymous patient logs and was provided with feedback from my MHTP Advisor.

I have worked part-time at McLaren Greater Lansing since 2015 and offer individual and group sessions privately.

My Music Background

Because my older sister played the flute, I decided I should too. For whatever reason I enjoyed practicing and performing and so decided to major in Music Performance at Michigan State University. 9 years later, I graduated from MSU with a Doctorate in Music Performance in 2004. Post-college, I have been an adjunct instructor at various small, private colleges (Albion, Olivet) and currently teach private lessons and flute ensemble at Alma College. I also teach at the MSU Community Music School, ages 7 through adult.

I also have performed with orchestras (Lansing Symphony, Midland Symphony, Jackson Symphony, Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra, Battle Creek Symphony) and am currently a core member of the Traverse Symphony Orchestra.

A few years into my post-college career, I felt like something was missing. I realized I wasn’t providing music in a way that reflected how I USE music. Music listening, for me, has always been a healing modality. What I listen to depends entirely on my mood, state of mind, and what my body needs. I wanted a way to help people experience the power of music for themselves.

Then I heard about the Music for Healing and Transition Program, which trains people to provide music in a therapeutic way.

Before the pandemic, I would play my Alto Flute (a larger and lower-sounding version of the concert flute) at the bedside. I picked up the ukulele and started using my voice in addition to my flute around 2017. I currently only offer my ukulele and sing wearing a mask for the safety of all.

You can hear examples of the alto flute in meditation videos I created on Facebook.


Here is an example of what I might play at the hospital.

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