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A Musical Journey

For over two decades, I have been a freelance performer, flute instructor, and clinician in the mid-Michigan area.

In 2004, I received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Michigan State University where I completed a dissertation entitled Why Did it Sound Better in the Practice Room: A Guide to Music Performance Anxiety and How to Cope With it Through Journal Writing. I have been invited to present my ideas at various colleges and conferences throughout the country.

Scroll down for information about my ensembles, teaching, and therapeutic music.

Chamber Musician

"Chamber music - a conversation between friends."

 Catherine Drinker Bowen

I am passionate about chamber music performance. I am a co-founding member of the Great Lakes Art Music Ensemble (GLAM) which released a CD on the White Pine Record Label. This disc, The Latin Dance Project, consists of newly composed and arranged music for two flutes, guitar, and percussion. I am also a co-founding member of the Durant Street Wind Quintet and Extreme Duality (flute and double bass), an ensemble that has premiered new compositions specifically written for this dynamic duo pairing.

In the summers, I have performed for the Mackinac Island Community Foundation Summer Concert Series for which I was Co-founder and Co-Artistic Director.  In 2014, I created, developed, and directed an innovative project called Telephone: An Artistic Response Chain on Mackinac Island, featuring the works of Mackinac Artists (for more info, scroll down to my first blog post to read about it and see pictures).

Orchestral Performance

For over 20 years, I have had the honor of performing with regional orchestras all over Michigan. I have been a core member of the Traverse Symphony Orchestra since 2006.


Flute Instruction

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Alma College and maintain an active private studio at the Michigan State University Community Music School where I enjoy teaching all ages and all levels.

I also offer Coaching/Lesson Sessions in which musicians can get a Coaching Session geared toward their music performance.  This is an opportunity to uncover what's holding you back from your best performance potential.

Therapeutic Music

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”
Bob Marley 

I'm a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) through the Music for Healing and Transition Program.  Therapeutic Music helps to trigger the body's natural Relaxation Response.  This is the opposite of being in a Fight/Flight/Freeze state.  Of course we rely on our Nervous System to react to stressful situations so that we can confront or flee dangerous situations we might encounter (like a bear, for instance).  But if this fight/flight/freeze state is maintained for a long period of time, our bodies could become exhausted or even develop a heath issue or disease.  During Therapeutic Music Sessions, I play soft music on my alto flute or sing with a ukulele either live or virtually.  This can help your body get into a more relaxed state to promote the natural healing process.  Some of the issues therapeutic music is known to help include:


Chronic conditions



Depression...and more!

Therapeutic music can also help center you in your meditation practice.  Overall, therapeutic music works for better focus and a calmer mindset.

For research on the benefits of Therapeutic Music, click here

In 2016, I wanted to challenge myself to deepening my meditation practice.  Knowing that having an accountability partner is key to success, I created the Facebook group Meditate With Friends as a way to hold space with friends wanting to cultivate, expand, and share our meditation practices with each other.  In 2019, I decided to post weekly Facebook Live videos that share my meditation journey, experiences, and short, guided, therapeutic music meditations.  These videos can also be found on YouTube.

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