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Taking Powerful Steps with Aaron Woodman

Last summer, I offered a 5-week group coaching experience called The Hero’s Journey. My goal was to give everyone in the group an opportunity to look at what was holding them back in their lives, notice any patterns, and then develop tools and techniques to break through anything that was keeping them STUCK.

Several months later, I thought it would be fun to sit down with a few participants to hear what they took away from the Hero’s Journey and what has transpired since our last session. For the next 2 weeks, I will take a break from my live format to present the first of 2 pre-recorded interviews with a Hero’s Journey participant.

This week, I will present my conversation with Aaron Woodman. Aaron is working towards his DMA in oboe performance at Michigan State University. He also runs a successful freelance performance business and is an intensely creative makeup artist.

In our conversation, Aaron shares how the Hero’s Journey appeared at just the right time for him. By participating he was able to take his self-awareness to the next level. Leveling up helped him start taking steps toward success in a way that was very new and powerful for him.

It was so exciting to hear how transformational these last several months have been for Aaron and to see how he is moving in a direction that feels genuine and empowering despite the uncertainty that still exists in these times for artists/musicians.

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