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How to Get Unhooked

Recently, I got “hooked” by a text message.

Someone asked a question that rubbed me the wrong way.

After reading the message, the stories started. These stories justified and validated the thoughts and feelings I had in reaction to the message.

Pretty soon, I was STUCK feeling and thinking really crummy, negative things.Does this ever happen to you?

When something hooks us, it’s easy for our thoughts and feelings to spin out of control. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. And it can ruin an hour, a day, or more!

What can we do about this?It’s understandable how we get STUCK in reaction mode when our buttons are pushed. The thoughts and feelings we generate are so convincing! Fortunately, I have learned a powerful way to handle these moments I get to choose how long or if I want to stay STUCK.

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I share how you can get untangled from those triggering moments.And you'll learn some easy steps for getting unhooked, cultivating an understanding of what’s really happening, and using what you learn about yourself to let the challenging emotions go.

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