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Embracing the Non-Linear Path with Amy Rosendall

How much pressure is there for you to have it ALL figured out?

That’s one thing that Hero’s Journey participant, Amy Rosendall, has wrestled with recently.

Amy gained so many tools from the Hero’s Journey and was really excited about applying what she learned to all the STUCK places in her life. For a while, it worked! After a few months or so, Amy started noticing that new life circumstances were now causing her to feel STUCK.

It can feel so good to break free from STUCK. And it can be so frustrating to feel like that forward momentum is short-lived or interrupted by a set-back.

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, Amy reflects on the idea that progress in getting UNSTUCK isn’t linear. Any time the path meanders is an opportunity to remember the tools that are in your toolbelt and to use them to actively create your path.

Amy says, “if the path were paved, it wouldn’t be your path.”

So true!

Although she may be finding herself STUCK again, Amy demonstrates how she is courageously reminding herself to remain authentic in her life. As a recovering people-pleaser, Amy is pleasantly surprised that when she does this, people respond in positive ways.

Amy also shares a powerful tool she still uses from the Hero’s Journey that helps her deal with being STUCK and achieve mental clarity.

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