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Conversations with Myself

Have you ever had conversations with future or past versions of yourself?

When I was 5, I started having conversations with who I imagined to be my future self. I hoped that “Future Tess” was creating a happy and fulfilling life for her/myself. And I loved envisioning that “Future Tess” was always remembering me at any point in my life.

Conversing with who I imagined myself to be became an important internal support system. Whenever I faced challenging transitions, it was empowering to imagine a Future Tess sending loving support.

In fact, just believing that there was a Future Tess thinking about me helped me feel confidence in successfully facing the uncertainty of inevitable change.

We are all voicing our “1-year anniversary of pandemic” stories including the changes we have navigated and continue to face. In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I add my anniversary sentiments by sharing what my internal conversations have been over the last 12 months and how I have been consoled and encouraged by Future and Past versions of Tess.

I also share 2 powerful exercises that help you have intentional, inwardly directed conversations with yourself to support you in coping with any transitions you might be facing in your life now.

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