I do music.
I do coaching.
I help people discover who they are.

Welcome to my site!

I'm a Musician, Core Energy Coach and someone who likes helping people figure out who they are. 


It's really hard to know what to do in life when you don't know who you are.

I discovered that for myself one day when I had a bit of unplanned free time. What should I do, I wondered.

I changed the question to What do I WANT to do, and I was just as confused.

Much of my decision-making relied on what I thought other people wanted me to do or what I thought would "look good" for my career or friendships.

It was the same when I chose what to do on my planned free time.

Is THIS why I feel so burnt out and energetically depleted all the time?!


In that moment, I realized that it was time to figure out WHO I was so that I could decide WHAT to do.



So my choices were aligned with who I am.

So I knew when to say "no" or "yes" to other people.

So I could start loving my life again.

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