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When Obstacles Feel Like Mountains

What mountains are in between you and what you want?

A few weeks ago, I conducted a 5-week group coaching experience with some fantastic graduate students working to develop their music careers. One of the metaphors that organically came up for us was that the challenges and obstacles on the way to creating a career were like mountains we must climb to get where we want to go.

Life inevitably presents us with a mountain of obstacles on the road to what we want.

When it comes to navigating these mountains, it can be easy to think that there’s something outside of us orchestrating obstacles or setbacks. But what the group realized over the course of our time together was that often the mountains are put there by ourselves.

Think about the last obstacle you had to face. What was the challenge? What was so challenging about the challenge? Looking back on the challenge, which did you have to work harder to overcome- your mind or the challenge itself?

In my experience, it’s my mind that I must face when confronted by any challenge. My mind IS the mountain. And the older and more entrenched the thoughts are in my mind, the bigger the mountain I will face.

Fortunately, I have found that if I am aware of why or how I put the mountain in between myself and my heart’s desires, it becomes less of a challenge to work through any obstacle.

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I’ll be talk about some of the mountains I have faced recently and how I have worked with them to reach the destinations I set for myself.

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