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What to Do If the Shoe DOESN'T Fit

Have you ever found yourself continuing to do something (a job, a relationship, etc.) that just doesn't fit you anymore?

When I was in the midst of some hefty career burnout, I was engaging in a really unhealthy pattern without realizing it. This was the pattern of continuing to say “yes” to doing work that didn’t feel right for me anymore. I kept finding ways to convince myself that maybe tomorrow or next week or next month or next semester it will feel okay again. But it never did. Pretty soon, I was exhausted, depressed, frustrated, and couldn’t remember why I used to love doing what I was doing in the first place.

This was the equivalent of trying to wear shoes that don't fit!

When have you found yourself in a pattern of continually doing something that used to fit you but no longer does?

How long did you stay in that pattern?

Are you still IN that pattern?

In this video, I share a story from my childhood about the first time I realized something didn't fit in my life anymore. I also share some tips for how to deal with the things in your life that you may be contemplating letting go. Especially helpful is the writing exercise that I share that clarifies whether or not something fits into your life


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