Trigger Talk w/ Clare Czubak!

If you've been following me on Growing in Uncertainty, you know that I have a new-ish office space in downtown St. Johns, MI.

Here's a picture of me in that space, doing my thing:

If you had told me a year ago that I would be in this space, coaching and providing therapeutic sound and music, I would have first been shocked, and then elated.

I've been saying that I want an office space downtown quietly to myself for a few years. But it wasn't something I took seriously until my friend, Clare, said, "You wanna move in with me?!"

Clarissa Czubak has been the owner of Infinity Wellness Energy for about 3 years. I received Reiki from her there and often perused her shelves, stocked with crystals, essential oils, New Age books, and other pretty shiny things.

And so, it has been an honor to be able to set up a space of my own within her space and begin to collaborate in a way that is completely new for me and my community.

Instead of strictly sound collaborations, we are planning to create events and classes that involve reiki, music/sound, and general wellness practices to help people work through the stuff in life that's hard to face, but necessary to deal with in order to heal and create beautifully fulfilling lives.

Recently, when Clare agreed to be on my live show, I asked what she wanted to discuss. Without missing a beat, she said, "TRIGGERS!"

The post-Holiday Season seemed the perfect time to unpack this particular topic, and so I said, "Perfect."

Clarissa brings a refreshing perspective on this topic because she's acutely aware of how challenging and debilitating triggers can still be in her life, despite all of the work she has done on herself to develop emotional resilience and self-confidence. It's something we all have to continually practice, be tested, and repeat.

Ram Dass is famous for saying, "If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family."

The Holidays, while providing us with possibilities to see family, tend to underline the poignancy of Dass' sentiment. Family dynamics are hard, no matter how far down the Spiritual path you are. And it takes someone with courage and heaps of self-knowledge, like Clarissa, to use awareness when it comes to being triggered by family.

We had a lovely conversation that I hope you will enjoy in the video below.

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