The What If Process

The wind was blowing furiously the other day, and I noticed my thoughts turning to the "worst case scenario." In my mind's eye, trees were falling on the house, shingles being stripped away. Each thought started with a "what if," and ended with me cringing and wanting to go back to bed.

Of course, it's not just the wind that was on my mind. It's SO many other things. You likely have some worst case scenario thoughts and "what ifs" on your mind too.

It's energetically draining to go through all the terrifying possibilities of how things could turn out in the future, isn't it? And it's understandable why we do it. We're just trying to prepare and protect ourselves!

But, when I try to think of a single worst case scenario that ever came true, I honestly have a really hard time. Ultimately, for the few that might exist, hindsight reminds me that everything worked out in the end.

So, how to prevent the energy drain of the "what if," worst case scenario thought machine?

Here's my live video event from my Wings Unfolded Facebook page where I share a powerful tool that will help you shift into a more calm mindset and preserve your energy for more important things!

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