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Take a Break!

How overwhelmed have you felt lately?

To be honest, it's easy to feel overwhelmed these days. With so much uncertainty, it can feel like there’s no place to rest!

When I used to do long running races, there would be watering stations. It was such a relief to be able to grab some water, even if it was only a few seconds.

Since we all seem to be running this marathon of uncertainty together, what are you doing to create “watering stations,” for yourself? What would happen if you intentionally tend to yourself? What if you had enough energy to be present for all of life's experiences?

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I talk about the why, what, and how of finding places to REST in your busy schedule.

You’ll learn 4 Steps on how to commit to short breaks throughout your day.

My hope is that when you have more energy to put into your life, the more you'll get back!

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