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STUCK in Transition?

I’m experiencing one of those times in life when it feels like nothing will ever change. And it’s driving me crazy! In fact, I had a bit of a meltdown about it of which I’m not particularly proud.

Here’s what happened. We’re in the process of getting ready to make some changes to our home. Several things have been on our list to be updated and/or replaced since we moved into the house 11 years ago. But like any responsible homeowner, we’ve had to prioritize less “fun” house projects over others. For instance, while I’m extremely appreciative of having hot water, replacing a water heater just doesn’t satisfy like getting a new floor or countertop.

After months (years) of dreaming about doing the “fun” house projects, it’s finally going to happen!

While this all sounds exciting, it’s also incredibly frustrating.

In order to do the “fun” projects, there’s a whole list of things we need to do to get ready. And it feels like the “gotta do this before we can do that” list keeps growing. It feels like we’ll never get to the “fun” changes.

We are STUCK in the transition.

The other day, I couldn’t take it anymore. My level of frustration with feeling STUCK was so thick that I suddenly felt paralyzed by anxiety. Although there was stuff that needed to be done, I couldn’t decide what to do first or even how to do it!

It’s interesting that the amount of stress one feels when life is STUCK in transition is the same as when too much change happens at once. It’s a different kind of stress, though.

This can happen in any area of life, right? We can see exactly what we want, but the path we need to take to get there is unclear or messy or fraught with setbacks. It can make us feel like we should just give up or even “tear the house down!”

Because my experience with our house has so many parallels to everything I’ve been talking about on episodes of Growing in Uncertainty, I thought it would be a good idea to share how I’m working with being STUCK in this transition and what you can do with any frustrations, fears, or anxieties that come up for you when you’re feeling STUCK in a transition of your own.

Let me know how this resonates with you!

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