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How to Develop Self-Worth

How worthy do you feel?

The other day I wasn’t feeling well. I’ve been pushing myself really hard lately professionally and personally. My body was letting me know that it was time to rest.

A previous version of me might have ignored all the signs and signals of needing some self-care. I would de-value my own needs in favor of following through with ALL of my commitments no matter what. And I would believe a story that I told myself that I just needed to “tough it out” and “push through.”

This time, I decided to cancel some things and rest. I allowed my body to let me know what it needed. And I felt much better for it.

I won’t pretend that this decision was easy. It’s never easy to go against the grain of a long-standing pattern or habit. It’s typical for me to put others’ needs before my own. I fear letting other people down or not following through with my responsibilities. And I fear looking selfish! I have tended to tie my self-worth to appearing reliable and selfless in all ways.

Until I’m depleted of energy and full of resentment.

Has this ever happened to you?

Fortunately, I’ve worked hard in recent years to develop my sense of self-worth, something I’ve struggled to understand for as long as I can remember. For whatever reason, the line between self-absorption and self-worth was always hazy to me, making me steer toward self-devaluation instead.

Self-worth is something that comes from the inside out. It involves loving ourselves and being able to know that we are enough.

How would your life be different if you could experience and demonstrate greater self-worth?

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I share some ideas on how to develop and harness your own self-worth in order to create a healthier and more joyful life.

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