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From Folded to Unfolded

It was the first day of Fall semester, and despite having had a summer break to "recharge my batteries," my tears of frustration and exhaustion told a different story. To make matters worse, I was in between my two adjunct teaching positions for that day. How was I going to make it through my next gig when all I wanted to do was crawl into a big hole and disappear?

That's where I found myself not too long ago before making some huge and necessary life changes. Although I had a lot of training under my belt, something still didn't feel right about my career choice, and it all felt so uncomfortable! I had ALL the questions and none of the answers...or so I thought!

Once I was willing to surrender to the process of self-awareness and discovery, it didn't take long for me to find the answers that were inside of me the whole time. And once I had answers, my energy and joy for life returned like never before.

As it turns out, the answer for me was that I needed to rebalance what I was already doing- teaching and performing as a therapeutic and freelance musician. And I discovered that I really wanted to share my experiences of navigating the path from questioning to discovering to action taking. The path I created for myself over 20 years of being a musician was perfectly unique- like me! And I realized that my quest for personal growth went hand-in-hand with everything I was doing, but I wasn't yet honoring that on a daily basis in my career. It felt as if I was folded in on myself, but I do my best when I am completely UNFOLDED. What that means to me is that I bring my authentic self to everything I do in my career and in my life. I'm not hiding anymore. And neither should you!

If, like me, you're feeling stuck in a career that doesn't feel completely right, but you also aren't sure what you would want to do instead, I want you to know that you already have the answers you are looking for! As a Core Energy Coach, I will help you get clear about who you are, what you want, and how you want to express yourself in the world.

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