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Finding Your Own Way Through STUCK

It's normal and often required that we seek help once we realize we're STUCK. We need others to give us support, share resources, or even teach us skills we can use to get UNSTUCK.

Sometimes, we accept the advice or counsel of others, but we don't see results. This can be so frustrating! We might even see others who take the same advice and counsel and start thriving. Then we're thinking, "Why can't I be where they are? Why is it working for them and not me? Is there something wrong with me?"

Not only are we STUCK at this point, now we feel like losers.

This is where Chaconda George, my guest on the video below, was in her STUCK journey for quite a while. She was trying so many things and seeing so many others around her get through their STUCK, but she was still STUCK!

At times, she wanted to give up. She dealt with depression. And if you've ever experienced depression, you might know how hard it is to have the necessary motivation to do anything let alone try to continue getting UNSTUCK .

Chaconda also shared that she had been STUCK since childhood. So, how was she going to know what UNSTUCK even felt like?! How could she know WHAT she needed?

Once thing Chaconda started doing was connecting with her intuition. This required her to get out of her HEAD and into her BODY. Once she started doing this, she noticed that she was drawn to certain healing modalities. At first, she didn't think certain modalities were right for her, so she didn't pursue them. But she continued to be drawn.

When she finally answered the internal call to go to those healing methods that seemed so "out there," she started to feel BETTER! She finally found what worked for HER!

The takeaway here is that the process of getting UNSTUCK isn't going to look the same for everyone. It's important for each person on the path of STUCK to figure out their own navigational tools. Once you find your unique recipe for getting UNSTUCK, there will be no stopping you!

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