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Escaping the Expectation Trap

How do you cope when life it doesn’t turn out the way you expected?

We’ve all had that experience of not getting what we want, right? It really hurts. And it’s frustrating!

We’re told to set goals for ourselves and make plans for the future. We create best-case-scenario visions for ourselves. We’re even encouraged to envision what our dream life would look like! We find ourselves saying things like, “my life will be good when _____________ happens.”

When our dreams, visions, plans, and goals don’t come to fruition, we wonder why we were duped into wanting anything in the first place. And then we start blaming everything and everyone around us.

This mindset is a trap! We can end up getting STUCK. It can feel like there's no way forward.

In this episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I talk about those times in life when our expectations aren’t met and we fall into a state of STUCK.

I also offer a powerful TOOL you can use when facing an unmet expectation.

You'll learn how to turn what's upsetting into what's up-lifting.

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