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Cultivating grAttitude

A few years ago, it seemed like the word GRATITUDE was popping up everywhere. People recommended journal writing each day about everything for which to be grateful. Trinkets emblazoned with the word were for sale everywhere. That still seems to be the case today. Given everything that has happened this year, it can feel ludicrous to even try to feel grateful.

The theory behind gratitude is that if you can experience and express it regularly in your life, you will feel more fulfillment overall. Science even shows that cultivating the experience of gratitude lowers anxiety!

Because I’m wired as I am, I started pushing back against gratitude. It started to feel as if people were telling me I “should” do something. Just because it works for them, why do they think it will work for me? Plus, it seemed like gratitude was just becoming the next big money-maker. It was commercialized. So, like a song that is played WAY too many times on the radio, I refused to listen. People all over social media, catalogs, television, and magazines were constantly urging me to cultivate gratitude. And I ignored them.

“What about all the poor and homeless,” I wondered. “How about all the injustices that happen to innocent people everywhere? Are they supposed to just express gratitude and then everything will be okay?”

It seemed disingenuous…until, I had a mindset shift on gratitude.

In the following episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I share my journey with gratitude and how my mindset shifted. You'll discover how to engage with gratitude in a way that feels natural and meaningful.

Speaking of gratitude, I am so GRATEFUL for your presence on my journey to becoming a coach

. You have given me the opportunity to express more of who I am through the work that I do as a coach. THANK YOU! Your support means the world to me!

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