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Choosing Values Wisely

What drives you to act, behave, and speak in the ways you do? Your values! Values are at the core of your essence. When your values are honored, you feel good about life and your place in it. However, things can start to feel pretty bad when your values aren't being considered.

Sometimes, values manifest in unhealthy ways and hold us back in life. For instance, if I value victory, but it manifests as “victory at all costs,” I might wonder why people in my life don't want to play board games with me. They might not appreciate the ruthless intensity with which I play. They may not even want to collaborate with me in any way in any way, shape, or form. Is my value of victory really working for me? Is there another way I could express that value in order to create more satisfaction in my life?

Check out this show where I talk about how to recognize when your values are healthy or not. You'll get some tips on how to work with and cultivate values that serve your highest good.

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