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Celebrating with Intention

How do you feel about birthdays?

Why do I ask? Well, it’s my birthday this week! And despite the tendency of our culture to make it seem like birthdays aren’t something you should want after you’ve passed your 20s, I have found that birthdays are still exciting and meaningful for me.

The excitement isn’t quite like it was when I was a kid, however. I don’t really need big parties and to be surrounded by lots of people. I love my birthdays because they represent an opportunity for me to reflect on the past year and to set intentions for the coming year.

The analogy that most resonates with how I experience birthdays is that of gardening. When I am pulling weeds and tidying around my flowers and plants, there come those moments when I just need to stand up, stretch my back, and admire the work I’ve accomplished so far. In addition to giving my body a break, this moment of pause helps to motivate me to continue. “If I could get that much done in a half-hour, think what I could do for another 30 minutes!” This might be how I end up over-doing when I work outside.

Applying that concept to my birthday, it makes sense to me to use my solar return to pause, reflect on all that I have accomplished so far, and then to visualize the possibilities for the coming year.

In fact, I do have some exciting things to visualize for the new year! In this week’s episode of Growing in Uncertainty, I’ll be reflecting on the past year and sharing my vision for the coming months. I’ll also be sharing a special “gift” with you all (Hint: it has to do with music!). It would be an honor to have you join me for this special day. So, join me in celebrating another turn around the sun!

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